New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Many New York traffic tickets have been issued for Disobey Traffic Control People today inquire what constitutes a”traffic control device”. § 153 of all That the VTL defines a traffic ticket control device as follows: All of the signs, Markings signals, and devices not inconsistent with this chapter placed or Erected by the authority of a public body or official with authority for the purpose of regulating, directing or warning traffic. We are at YELP

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New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers
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Great Pioneer Home Buyers, LLC

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Max Equity Loan, Inc

Fix And Refinance
Many investors are greater interested in building habitual month-to-month revenue by growing their rental portfolio rather than flipping residences. We Lends repair & Refinance software permits the borrower to build a real property portfolio through buying distressed residences, making improvements, occupying the property with paying tenants and in the end refinancing right into a traditional type mortgage.
We Lends restore & Refinance applications allow the borrower to make investments as low as 10% to build their real property empire. We offer as much as 90% of the borrowers buy charge and a hundred% of the upkeep value in as little as three-7 commercial enterprise days. Hard Money Loan
Inquire about our zero point program
Need to do a CEMA? No trouble!
No prematurely costs
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Loans funded in 3-7 commercial enterprise days!

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Max Equity Loan, Inc
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Advanced Immigration Law Group P.C. provides a full range of services for individuals and businesses with immigration legal needs in Rockville, Maryland, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and communities throughout the United States. Attorney Anser Ahmad link to Attorney Profile page has nearly twelve years of experience helping people overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of legal immigration into the United States.

immigration law


When you contact our offices to discuss your immigration needs, you will receive personalized attention from legal professionals with over twenty years of combined legal experience. We understand your concerns about the costs and how you are going to pay for our services. We do everything possible to keep our fees low, including offering many flat-fee services so you know exactly how much you will be paying. For additional convenience, we also accept major credit cards through PayPal services.

We are providing various types of Freelancing job like,

  1. Google My Business Page Create
  2. Google My Business Page Verification
  3. PBN Backlinks Service
  4. Guest Post Services
  5. Virtual assistant for any types of data entry


  • Business Visas
  • B1 visas
  • H-1, H-2, and H-3 visas
  • L visas for intra-company transfers
  • visas for entertainers, athletes, artists
  • EB visas
  • Work permits/student visas
  • All other employment-related visas
  • Family Visas
  • Marriage visas
  • Divorce and Immigration link to Practice Area page
  • Finance(e) Visas
  • Visas for parents, siblings
  • Visas for children
  • Citizenship and Greencards
  • Green card applications
  • Appeals
  • Application for citizenship
  • Naturalization
  • Citizenship test preparation
  • Political Asylum
  • handling asylum cases from all over the world
  • interview with asylum officers
  • representation before EOIR courts
  • appeals process
  • Immigration and Criminal Charges
  • Detention and Bond Hearings link to Practice Area page
  • Deportation and Removal
  • Application for cancellation of removal
  • Exclusion proceedings representation
  • Immigration Bond and Detention
  • Immigrants arrested on criminal charges
  • mandatory immigrant detention,
  • criteria for getting a bond
  • working with immigrant bail bondsmen
  • Divorce and Immigration
  • divorce before receiving a green card
  • divorce after receiving a green card
  • ex parte divorce (one spouse unavailable)

Advanced Immigration Law Group P.C. can help you with all of your immigration law needs. Contact Us to discuss your situation with one of our experienced paralegals and schedule a consultation with attorney Anser Ahmad. We speak Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, French, Hindi, and can make arrangements to have an interpreter available for many other languages.

Our Law firm represents clients throughout Maryland including Rockville, Silver Spring, Tyson`s Corner, Gaithersburg, Frederick, Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, Howard County, Baltimore County, and Fairfax County, along with Arlington Virginia, Fairfax Virginia, Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Nationwide, International, and more.


Advanced Immigration Law Group P.C. takes an innovative, problem-solving approach to legal matters in the area of immigration law. The law firm has extensive experience handling cases in state and federal courts throughout Pennsylvania and other states, as well as the Third and Fourth Circuit Courts of Appeals and numerous immigration courts. We also handle bond hearings and criminal allegations involving immigrants, in venues including Philadelphia and York, PA, Baltimore, MD, Arlington & Fairfax, VA, Atlanta, GA, Harlingen & El


Advanced Immigration Law Group P.C., our clients receive the highest levels of personal service and attention to detail that only a small firm can deliver. We place a high priority on remaining accessible. Your attorney works directly with you throughout the process of your case. When you call or email us with questions or concerns, we answer and respond quickly. We work hard to keep our costs reasonable because we believe that the cost of your attorney shouldn’t add to the stress you may already be under.

We offer many services at affordable flat-fee rates. For further convenience for our national and international immigration clients, we offer services in Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, French, Hindi, and can make arrangements to have interpreters available in many other languages.

Immigration Law Overview: Complete immigration services for national and international immigration clients, including Citizenship and Greencards services, Family Visas, Marriage and Fiance(e) Visas, Divorce and Immigration, Immigration Appeals, and Business Visas. We also represent clients in Immigration Bond and Detention, and Deportation and Removal cases. We also offer a defense for Immigration and Criminal Charges and represent people who face the very real possibility of deportation because they have lost their immigration case. We represent them in any Immigration Appeals for which they are eligible.

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